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This app works great

This app does exactly what it says - checks your Gmail. Great product


Exactly what I needed. No ads, no extra stuff. I do wish it loaded up quicker on my brand spankin' new Macbook Pro, but I got what I needed. Thanks, Rocky Sand Studio! Nice app.

Good for me

Awesome app, i can manage my gmail from my Mac book.

Pretty great but has a couple issues

This is one of the better third party Gmail apps, but a couple things that are a bummer is you that cant easily swap in/out of multiple accounts and also some add on’s do not work as well, such as Dropbox, Boomerang, etc...

such a good app

this app can help me to manage a lot of e-mail,when we have many e-mal address,we could ingorn some e-mal message to look ,so my friends recommend it to me,i feel so happy that i can not worry about it,This makes my work more efficient.

Good APP for me to manage e-mal

When we sometimes need to manage too many emails, we are afraid that some important emails will not be missed. Now, with this app, we can add these emails, and there will be an unread message every day. Mark, so we are no longer afraid that some emails have not responded.

G-mail app

The desktop g-mail app is email friendly and easy to access. However, the desktop G-mail app does not allow me to sign into another mail account. Having to go online through a web browser for multiple accounts is not what I had in mind since my iPhone allows access to multiple accounts.

Basically just opening gmail in an app

Looks like it's opening gmail as a web app in the app interface. It's fine, basically acting as a shortcut to gmail which I don't think anyone realizes given the other reviews.

Thoughts on App

This is a great app! You can go directly into your google drive which is such a huge plus!! Also if you have a school email, like I do, you can log into it, unlike the traditional mail app that comes with the computer. Overall really happy with the app and definetly recomend it… why not it’s free.


me ayuda mucho, super buena




I hate the Mac’s built in mail this app looks cleaner and is much more effecient

Printing Function not enabled through Application

Great application for accessing Gmail. One important function that I have found to not be accessible through this app is printing. Could we try including this in the next version? Thanks for the great app!

Don’t be swayed by 553 Bogus reviews

This app is literally no different than opening up in a web browser. If you use Chrome you won’t even notice a difference. I fail to see how this app has 553 5 star reviews at the time I installed it on the App store when all it does is advertise its other apps while displaying It is literally a web browser that points at and very little more. It looks exactly like your native gmail web based experience because that is exactly what it is. I thought I was getting a full featured mail client that would give me a more Google friendly mail experience than but I was given a web browser window pointed to instead. Guessing these are paid reviews . Amazon and iTunes are full of them I guess the Mac app store has them as well. I hate leaving negative feedback but this is just too blatent.

Limited functionality

Cannot log into multiple accounts. Not worth the download

Good but why can’t I sign into multiple accounts?

It’s great, I love having it always available and it’s super easy to use with all the web features available. I have a personal email and a school email and I use tghem synonymously. I was hoping I would be able to sign into both of them on this app and just switch between the two but whenever I sign into the second email, it takes me to a web browser instead of in the app. Then, once I’ve signed in on the browser it just remains signed in on the browser and nevr allows me to add another account on the app.

Gmail is great to use

Love it. New features easy to use.

Missing one last thing

So this app is great, it seems to be a browser page minus urls and tabs that pulls Gmail. This means it is the gmail page that (personally) I think is designed amazingly simple and intuitive. The one drawback of this app that needs to be fixed is adding multiple accounts. Rather than attempting to add the account within the app, it opens a browser page and attempts to add it there. Throughout my use, this was the only setback I encountered.

Pretty lit

works good doesnt alert me with the dumb emails only the ones that matter sorts em into the right catergories.

Good App-one drawback

Interface is similar to Gmail. I did try to change font and color. Did not save!


Works well

Looks nice!

Just what I wanted.

Will not add attachment

I am trying to build a small family business and I needed an easier way to get our business emails. I decided to download this app about a week or so ago and at first it is very easy to use BUT anytime I tried to add an attachment (pdf), it just will not work. I end up having to go to the website to send an email with an attachment. It is very frusterating because I got the app to make my life easier.


I can only say that it is amazing

thank you guys so much

I dislike to see my emails on safari, which what I always do is forgot all my work on the gmail web. However, gmail app solve my problem which means after I received my email on gmail, I can as fast as a leopard to check the mail. It’s saving my time, and a good tool to use.

Can Read, but not Send

The app looks nice and I can read my email well. I can access all my folders, etc. I can compose an email message to be sent out, but it won’t let me send it. I can hit that send button all day, with no result. So it doesn’t really work for me. I went to the faq pages and there were only 2 faqs for their gmail app. One had to do with the fact that currently you can only open one gmail account with the app. Which has been covered in other reviews.

Previewing Attatchments

Really my only problem so far with the app is the way it opens attatchments. I want to believe that this a bug because on a normal browser your attatchment can be previewed before opening if it is a WORD DOCUMENT or PDF , ECT. The app for some reason downloads the attachtment first and then you MIGHT be able to preveiw it in MAIL app.

Cannot switch to different account

Fail to switch account.

good program!

no issues, never crashes, and works super well!

Easy peasy

I like having a stand alone email App for Gmail so I don’t clutter up my other email addresses. Very easy App to use.

Printing email

Cannot print emails since latest update

Lastest update broke the app

This app worked great until well, the May 14 update! Now once you close the gmail window, but dont quit app, app will not reopen! Only way to get it to reopen is force quit app! Pretty terrible bug.

Works for me.

Works well for me.

Great Job !!

Great job on providing an app that is almost an exact match for the DOS version of Gmail. Excellent interface and easy to navigate with all the features that one who uses Gmail regularly would expect. THANK YOU !!

Very good

Very good gmail app, 99% similar to gmail web

So far so good

Keeps the gmail interface, just what the wife likes.

Best Email Ever !!!

I have used Gmail since it started years ago. Great !!!

Always Great...

Steadily improves and is totally organised and reliable. Hard to beat, but they aways do.

Easy to use and find emails

All you ever need is a simple email manager. Keep it simple

Simple. I like it.

I love that it behaves and feels just like Gmail, but on my desktop. A bit better performance than the web version. Wish it allowed me to toggle between Gmail accounts.

Good to use and easy to access


Easy to Use!!!

Best Gmail App so far and trust me I’ve tried a bunch. Whew its about time! Thank You Mail for Gmail!


Works Great!!, Thus Far!! Has some neet options. Thank You!!


its very nice app keep it up ……

Gmail app

Been a user for 8 years. Nice.

So far so good

Was looking for desktop launcher for my gmail and found this. Have not had very long but appears to work well. So far so good..


Love the notification when a new email comes through. Easy to access all 3 of my gmail accounts.

Perfect except for one minor detail

This is the perfect gmail app. The interface looks just like my mail when I open it in the browser. The only issue that I have with it is that I have to sign out when switching between my regular gmail and my business one. To be honest I have 4 gmail emails that I use on the regular fo different things, and not being able to switch between them the way I do in the browser is a bit of a pain. Other that that it’s exactly what I need.

Its ok

Its not a bad app but iwaish you could do more

Still new to it, but so far, so good

After the Mail app quit working on the desktop, I started using this app. It has worked well and is easy to use. It opens and performs as if I was using the browser.

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